The Soar Way


Our Proven Approach focuses on the empowering intersection between a meaningful, transformative education,  intentional enduring support and opportunities for enlightened engagement , while making sure it is available for every child, every day!

Soaraway education is Education-Unusual! We are reimagining education and redeeming schools to be places where students learn:

·      TO BE -----Values and Character 

·      TO DO ----Creative Leadership, Involvement and Responsibility

·      TO BE COMMUNITY-----Mentorship, Support of others and Collaboration

Our method is simple: we empower educators and institutions to ensure every student gets access to an education that transforms their character and skills for lasting success. We then ensure each student is supported by peer, adult and professional/career mentors, and have opportunities for meaningful engagement in solving real community problems. 

             Our Approach Provides for...

    • Holistic development and education of the whole child.
    • Every day, every student engagement through our different in-school and after school programs and resources.
    • Equipping for life and transcendence not just success in school. Impact goes beyond academics; preparing and equipping students for relevant and productive careers that affect economic progress and offer solutions to social problems.
    • Creation of a culture, beyond just skills/ knowledge impartation. A culture of character, support, engagement and collaboration.
    • Grounding in sound Character. Youth intentionally and consistently take the right action, develop great habits and form a strong foundation of sound character upon which to SOAR!
    • The power of people! Inspired and confident communities are key determinant and drivers of solutions and lasting change that represents their values, identity and meet their specific needs.
    • Utilization of community, school or institutional resources and structures.