Current Campaign

Book Donation Drive for the SoarAway Resource Centre


Your books can be someone else's treasure! 

Place the treasure in the hands of rural kids and youth and spread the joy of reading!

Do you have some books you or your children no longer need? Donate them for rural kids to read!

Soaraway is setting up a Resource Centre to directly benefit Rural students, teachers and schools in Kisoro! Because succeeding begins with reading, Your books will change the lives of rural kids and help them thrive.

How can you help?

Call, email/message us on +256773080626, +256705919684, +256700413463 to drop books/ arrange for a pick up

Spread the word!


What do we need?

New or gently loved (used)

  • Story books

  • Inspirational books

  • Educational books

  • Primary and secondary Text books

  • Inspirational books

  • Dictionaries

  • Bibles

  • Puzzles, puzzle books, word searches e.t.c

  • Inspirational Movies

  • Games


  Too far to give books?

No worries! Donate money to purchase much needed Textbooks on our WISH LIST