Character & Leadership Development

At SoarAway we believe that Character development is not another item on the educator’s plate, but it is the plate! It is the foundation of all learning. Many of the problems we face as nations, communities, families or individuals are rooted in character and so are many of the solutions! Therefore, as students learn the value of character, service and community, they graduate not only with academic achievement, but as ethical, capable, compassionate and responsible citizens.


We focus on two aspects of character that go hand in hand:

Functional character/performance character. This is a mastery orientation needed to realize our potential for excellence in academics, co-curricular activities or any other area of endeavour. It Includes positive attitude, great determination, persistence, resilience and strong work ethic, courage, discipline, ingenuity among others.

Moral character. This is the relational orientation needed for successful interpersonal relationships and ethical behaviour and means to achieve our performance goals. It includes values like humility, integrity, honesty, respect of self and others, selflessness, self -discipline, justice, caring, compassion among others.

Performance character enables us to enact our moral values; to translate our good intentions into effective ethical actions that make a positive difference in the world.

Our aim is to go beyond improving moral literacy (where youth know what is right and wrong) to cultivating a moral identity; a deeper commitment to values, making them integral  to them so that to do right becomes a reflex, and they are motivated to do right even under pressure of conflicting situations and needs. 

Our focus is on empowering our youth’s intentionality in taking the right action, developing great habits and forming a strong foundation of sound character upon which to SOAR! We believe that students of character will succeed and contribute no matter what they do!