Soar Solutions

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Soar Schools

Our flagship program Soar Schools is a facilitated Journey for school improvement that allows for creativity, engagement and collaboration as the school community comes together for student support and development.

Character education, staff development, leadership training, and improved support/mentorship resources for students come together to ensure that every child grows up to be a successful, character-strong active agent of lasting change! Even as we put emphasis on outcomes beyond academics, academics improve in Soar Schools!

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iSoar Club

The iSOAR Club is an opportunity to bring enthusiastic and innovative youth leadership and talent to impact the age-old problems in our communities. Through meaningful interaction in and across schools, we raise students able to critically identify and solve problems and challenge behaviour, beliefs and attitudes that hinder development within their communities. We are sold out to creating opportunities for youth TODAY, amplifying their knowledge, support experiences and skills to further their capacity to lead NOW.

Through the iSOAR Club, They also get opportunities for hands-on experience in solving problems and making a contribution to their communities.

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Soar Transformational Camps

The Soar Transformational Camps are an opportunity for students to grow together and develop important life skills like problem-solving, decision-making, critical thinking, communication and interpersonal skills, coping with emotions and stress, financial management, empathy, conflict resolution, Clarification of values, assertiveness and negotiation, appreciating diversity, counselling, career and life planning.

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Soar Mentorship

It is the ripple of support from buddies, big sisters/big brothers, teachers, student leaders and professionals that ensures every student can be seen, heard and belong, and can transcend the dismal and bleak cards they have been dealt and blossom into their fullest potential.

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