Unleashing Character-strong, capable and engaged change makers.



What could happen if education lives up to its full transformational potential? 

Africa and the world have innumerable, dauting, age-old, complex Problems, We have one solution; Education-Unusual: so that every child grows up to be a successful, character-strong active agent of lasting positive  change!


6 out of 10 Africans are below the age of 25. What are we doing to maximize our demographic advantage for the Africa/world we want?

The power of change is with the youth! We stand at an opportune window of time to rethink how they are being harnessed for this noble role. SoarAway is disrupting traditional methods with innovative solutions that will overcome longstanding obstacles and accelerate youth leadership.  

By engaging schools and communities to equip youth with the skills, support and opportunities needed to become character-strong change makers, we provide a lasting and sustainable pathway to community transformation. 


It matters if schools embrace character and leadership development.… our future is counting on it!

Character Development at Soar Schools is not teaching mere religiosity! Its education in intellectual, moral, performance and civic virtue and it’s the ultimate success factor in school and life, identified by experts in education and parenting.


Your support to youth secures their contribution to the world! With your support, they can do more than just survive: they can thrive and drive real lasting positive change!


"Because of the last two days of training, I am a new teacher"- A high school teacher from Kisoro.

Honor the teacher who changed your life by sustaining our teacher training and support program!